Are There Buddhist In Nigeria?


Q: Are there buddhists in Nigeria?

Yes, is the short answer.

But the problem is; you can hardly find them because of lack of buddhist monasteries in Nigeria.

Even with the above problem, there are still some little groups of buddhist who make appointments to meet.

Because Nigerians have this attitude of religion intolerance, many buddhists have decided to hide their religious status for now.
The northern part of the country is predominantly muslims with almost zero religious tolerance.
Only the southern part of the country host 99% of Nigeria’s buddhists because of the little religion tolerance they cultivate.

As a buddhist in Nigeria, you will have to practice alone most of the time until you find a fellow buddhist like you.
Your aim is not to be accepted by the society but to attain buddhahood.

Nirnava is your goal and not what the loud-mouthed Nigerians speak of you.

Yours sincerely,
Tobi Balogun.