My Hijab Crush


If you ask me:

“Tobi, what type of girl will you date or marry?”

I will certainly answer you:

“A lovely girl with an hijab.”

Gush, they are so beautiful especially those girls from northern Nigeria and Ilorin.

Just today, two identical twins passed by. I kept staring at these girls until i got my toes against a rock. What captured my attention was the hijab. They are Yorubas and that makes them good fishes to catch.

What makes this Hijab special?

I must confess that i’ve been asking that same question for ages. This must be one of the pride of Islam to be able to make females modest but yet very attractive! – That’s the magic of the Hijab!

Though the hijab makes one beautiful but it doesn’t transform your face like a plastic sugery. If you are ugly, i’m sorry the hijab won’t change that fact but it makes you very presentable.

Final note: I have a great crush on those who wear hijab, it has magic words can’t explain.