Christian VS Atheist In Nigeria


Nigerians can be very funny at times, an average Nigerian believes in the existence of a personal God and will not take it easy with anyone who says this line:

“There is no god joor”

The response such person get:

“Ehn, don’t say that again o. You well so?, how you go say god no dey?…”

What follows thereafter are series of argument from who created man upto who created god. You can be certainly sure, the atheist leaves with a grin while the christian leaves with a burning anger.

“How dare such a mortal man challenge god…wait o, he must be mad.”

Only few christians have had encounter with atheists in Nigeria and most of them are left in shock. But the atheist gets a grin:

“Atleast, i’m one step out of the dark.”

Atheist are still living in the dark in Nigeria because of some personal fears but the next twenty years in Nigeria will be revolutionized.

Atheist will come out openly to declare their beliefs, and the christians will keep wondering: