How To Get Any Girl To Be Your GirlFriend

Sometimes there is a girl we always want to get as girlfriend but we just can’t because of some reasons. Today, i’ll teach you a simple magick to get that girl as your girlfriend. Get with you a paper and pen, a candle and ofcourse a matches box.

1. Write the name of the girl you want to get as your girlfriend.

2. Stripe the word of its vowels and repeating consonants. E.G “BOSEDE” becomes “BSD”.

3. Add the letters to the letters “NDRLVS”. It becomes “BSDNDRLVS”. Remove the any repeated consonants, it becomes “BNDRLVS”.

4. Use the derived letters to form a symbol or logo.

5. Trace the gotten logo onto another paper.

6. Burn the original symbol with the candle.

7. Now, paste the other symbol to somewhere you can easily stare at it.

Let no one see the symbol except you. Keep calm and watch yourself drawing close to her each day.

To get the girl as your girlfriend, your subconscious mind keep acting on the symbol until your desires are fulfiled.