Third Eye And How To Open It The Hard Way

third eye

In most eastern religion, the third eye is believed to be the gateway to enlightenment. Here’s my method of opening this third eye:

1. Avoid eating for that day till 6pm.

2. Practice some yoga.

3. Take some weed. You either smoke it or mix with your meal. The aim is to connect you to an higher state of consciousness. For those who can smoke it, that will be very good.

4. Meditate on the third eye. To do this, sit in a lotus position and focus all your attention at the middle of your eye brows slightly below your forehead.

5. Meditate for 30 minutes. Stop, work and then perform before dinner.

6. Continue this exercises for good seven days, your third eye should be opened by then.

Signs To Watch Out For

1. Pressure at the forehead.

2. Flash of lights.

3. Your intuition increases.

4. Your words easily comes to pass.

5. Seeing ghosts.

And please take all these steps with caution and at your own risk.

Thank you.