Apostle Suleiman And Guru Maharaji Serves The Same God

The self acclaimed men of God seems to be serving the same God since most of their prophecies are the same. Apostle Johnson Suleiman and Guru Maharaji though different but give almost the same prophecies.

One of the example of such Prophecies is the one given before the 2015 election in the country. Apostle Suleiman gave a prophecy that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would win the 2015 election, so also did the great Guru Maharaji with 12 other prophets.

After the election, the video was removed from youtube. Maybe to hide the evidence that his prophecy failed.

There are just two answers to this puzzle; it’s either they’re fake or they serve the same the God. Many will not agree that Suleiman is fake, we will have to settle with the option that they both serve the same God.

Next time remember Guru Maharaji and Sule are men of the same God!!.